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Employee Payroll Software

Employee Planner is an comprehensible, efficient time management planner and staff scheduling software. The program is useful for small to large scale industries for planning staff activities and daily work details systematically.

One of the great office tool get rid of lengthy and complex calculations and paper work in managing company and employee details like payroll information, in/out timing details, shift details, salary details, tour and training details, attendance/absence details, leave/vacations and other activities in proper manner.

∎ Employee Shift Records :-

Simple, easy-to-understand application minimizes manual work and manages employee working schedule duration in an organized and systematic way.

∎ Employee Payroll Details :-

Easy and hassle free technique to manage Payroll details (including salary, bonus, deductions etc) paid to an employee for a certain period of time.

∎ Employee Attendance Details :-

Flexible, quick delivering tool that helps to manage the attendance status of an employee or detailed status summary of selected employees in effective way.

Purchase Order Software

Easy to use business software manages records of sales and purchase items to meet customer requirements in the best way. Software easily maintains day to day purchase order activities in secure and efficient manner.

Software Working Features :

  • Search sales and purchase records in a less time.
  • Provide interactive and simple graphical user interface for non-technical users to operate the software without any help of technical experts.
  • Generate useful sales or purchase reports daily.
  • Keep account of all information like vendor details, item details, product details and other sales/purchase details systematically.

Advantages & Benefits :

Reliable & simple to use

Reliable & simple to use Very reliable and simple to use and does not require any prior technical knowledge to run the software.

Complete accuracy

Complete accuracy Software is safe and secure in getting the accurate detailed information of company employees.

Reduce management costs

Reduce management costs Management cost is reduced by acquiring less resources to maintain records of employees.

Increased productivity

Increased productivity Increased business growth, benefits and productivity by storing useful Company information at one place.

Generate useful reports

Generate useful reports Generate flexible and summarized useful reports of company and employees.

Save time and efforts

Save time and efforts Saves valuable time and minimizes human errors as there is minimal data entry and use of manual work.

Manage - Multiple Company Records

Simplest and flexible staff planner solution manages multiple company employee's details at one place to manage and access business information in organized manner.

Leaves, Tour and Training Records

Highly reliable utility helps in managing the records/schedule of employees when they are travelling or out of work place or attending some training session.

Employee Tour and Training Management Software

Simple and easy to operate Employee Tour and Training Management Software schedule, track and manages company employees tour and training needs in professional way. Useful software track employee Tour and Training details with various parameters and manage business details with great ease.

Advanced features allow large or small size business organization representatives to assign Company staff members business training and tour requirements by designation, name, ID, department in easiest manner. Easy and simple to use staff management program does not requires any prior technically skills to execute it and adopts according to company specific tour and training needs.